Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

A Letter from a Lover

Dear Lover,

I find myself in love
Thinking you're the one
Too bad it's one sided
Clearly you don't feel the same way

Relationship is a burden
Meeting? Impossible distances
Texting? Calling? Rare occurrences
Is it me? Is it you? Is it us?

With broken heart,

Your Lover who's clearly not the one

Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

My Secret Feeling

My Secret Feeling

You light up my world,
and paint it black

But you don't even know..

You bring me delight,
and cause me sorrow

But you don't even notice..

You make me realise that love,
a notion that I believe is an illusion,
actually exist.

But all I can do, is to leave you alone..

You light up my world,
and make it brighter

You bring me delight, 
and drown me in joy

But all I can do is to engrave those three words,
which you will never know,
which you will never take notice,
which I will never say,
deep in my heart.

Engrave them deeper and further in my heart.

Jesie S.
A little note here~~ inspiration : Valentine Song by Lotte Mullan 

Jumat, 27 September 2013


Not that there's nothing to do
Not that there's no one to talk to
Just that there is nothing I wanna do
Just that I have no mood to do a thing

I'm simply bored of this life
This life which some of you call a blessing
This life which some of you call a curse
This life which some of you enjoy
This life which some of you hate

Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Broken me not

Broken me not

Sometimes it's just cruel to pretend you don't know things
Sometimes it's just cruel to ask the thing you don't really wanna know

Even so, the cruelest thing you did to me is when you just plainly ignore me
Ignore me like I'm not there to begin with
Ignore me like I'm nothing in your life

You're everything to me, yet I'm nothing to you
You said you need me, yet you ignore me

This heart of mine shattered into pieces
Mend it if you can
Fix it with your love

You do know that it's impossible, don't you?
and I do know that you're not in love with me

I'm tired of this heart you shattered and never try to mend
I want to break free from this broken heart

Yes. I know how to get out from this living hell

A smile slowly bloomed across her thin lips
The thought of death somehow comfort her ruined heart


Short note:
A little bit explaination of this unclear...
well, everything is unclear.
if u found a clear things, it's called, ilmu pasti.as in MATH
Tough luck! my writings are not MATH.hahaha
I should write one.here we go
1+1 = 2
Enough with the chit chat
So, the woman is in a serious relationship with the man.
(whether they're married or not is unclear, obviously)
cerita gak jelas itu seru buat ditulis, people.so bear with me.lol

Anyway, the point is
her lover ignore her, it's like she's not there
maybe he doesn't love her
maybe he just doesnt know what to say to her
tpi ya apapn alasannya, he hurts her so much it shattered her heart

this ignoring activity or wht she feels as ignoring, make her feel no love from her lover.

this ignoring activity also make her wish her own death
*nice font there right?for the death word.I spent quite much finding tht font.lol

I'm not trying to write sad love story all the time with sad ending u know.

I just feel like it.

May all of you find a love which doesn't shatter your heart :)

Yes. I know many wont read this note

But whether you read this note or not, my wish stay true to all of you

Selasa, 27 November 2012

Unrequited Love

~Unrequited Love~
A short piece of story

This is a story about a man and a woman who have their own unreachable love, but are married due to their parents.

His woman had an affair, then left him.
Her love one denied her love.
They give up on their love, chain themselves in a forged love.

He can't love a woman other than his long lost one.
She can love no man.
Both trap in a bond called marriage, denying their heart's desire for real love.

He told her about his long lost love.
She told him about her love.
Honesty brings them together, understanding each other's feeling of lost.

Once a forced smile, now a sincere smile.
Once suffers in a forged love, now sharing their love story.
Grateful they have each other.

This is a story about a man and a woman who finally find their happiness.
Like all tales supposed to end,
they live happily ever after in their unrequited love.

Jesie. S


What do you think?
Is it a happy life?
Cinta mereka masih bertepuk sebelah tangan.
Seorang pria yang ditinggalkan wanita yang ia cinta dan seorang wanita yang tak dapat mencintai pria.
I think a divorce will be better....but who am I? I've never been in a marriage.
They said marrige is hard to get out from.

I don't think they're happy though...
I think they live in an illusion. 
Kebahagiaan mereka cuma ilusi yang tercipta karena hati mereka yang hancur.
Their broken heart try so hard to find happiness, thus created an illusion of happiness.
Again, what do you think?
Apakah kebahagiaan yang diciptakan ilusi ini benar-benar kebahagiaan yang mereka inginkan?

That's my short piece of story with a short piece of note. 
It's supposed to be a happy ending story, but this note kinda turn it to a not-very-happy ending story.
Well, but it depends on your own opinion.
(pretty sure not all people read this note)

Anyway, may you have a requited love which grows stronger each day