Selasa, 27 November 2012

Unrequited Love

~Unrequited Love~
A short piece of story

This is a story about a man and a woman who have their own unreachable love, but are married due to their parents.

His woman had an affair, then left him.
Her love one denied her love.
They give up on their love, chain themselves in a forged love.

He can't love a woman other than his long lost one.
She can love no man.
Both trap in a bond called marriage, denying their heart's desire for real love.

He told her about his long lost love.
She told him about her love.
Honesty brings them together, understanding each other's feeling of lost.

Once a forced smile, now a sincere smile.
Once suffers in a forged love, now sharing their love story.
Grateful they have each other.

This is a story about a man and a woman who finally find their happiness.
Like all tales supposed to end,
they live happily ever after in their unrequited love.

Jesie. S


What do you think?
Is it a happy life?
Cinta mereka masih bertepuk sebelah tangan.
Seorang pria yang ditinggalkan wanita yang ia cinta dan seorang wanita yang tak dapat mencintai pria.
I think a divorce will be better....but who am I? I've never been in a marriage.
They said marrige is hard to get out from.

I don't think they're happy though...
I think they live in an illusion. 
Kebahagiaan mereka cuma ilusi yang tercipta karena hati mereka yang hancur.
Their broken heart try so hard to find happiness, thus created an illusion of happiness.
Again, what do you think?
Apakah kebahagiaan yang diciptakan ilusi ini benar-benar kebahagiaan yang mereka inginkan?

That's my short piece of story with a short piece of note. 
It's supposed to be a happy ending story, but this note kinda turn it to a not-very-happy ending story.
Well, but it depends on your own opinion.
(pretty sure not all people read this note)

Anyway, may you have a requited love which grows stronger each day