Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

My Secret Feeling

My Secret Feeling

You light up my world,
and paint it black

But you don't even know..

You bring me delight,
and cause me sorrow

But you don't even notice..

You make me realise that love,
a notion that I believe is an illusion,
actually exist.

But all I can do, is to leave you alone..

You light up my world,
and make it brighter

You bring me delight, 
and drown me in joy

But all I can do is to engrave those three words,
which you will never know,
which you will never take notice,
which I will never say,
deep in my heart.

Engrave them deeper and further in my heart.

Jesie S.
A little note here~~ inspiration : Valentine Song by Lotte Mullan