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Do you believe in love at first sight?

Liana dan Aine sudah bersahabat lama. Persahabatan ini hancur karena Liana jatuh cinta kepada Rihan. Hubugan Rihan dan Liana adalah hubugan yang tidak akan berakhir baik. Aine yang tak setuju dengan hubungan mereka, hendak melakukan sesuatu. 

To Save My Dear Friend


It's done! Finally! Yay!!!! =D 
Special Thanks to Erta! Improvement on the story is awesome coz of your comment. :) 


Ehem. Cerita ini merupakan ide yang kukembangkan dari sebuah buku yang kubaca. Well, the whole idea is from that book. Berikut ini adalah cerita aslinya dalam Bahasa Inggris just because it sounds better (and I'm kinda lazy to translate it).


Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki
Chapter 39 – Chapter 44
Source: Online

The idea is from Fuwa Shou's Promo Video (PV) for his new song, Prisoner. Mogami Kyoko and Nanokura Mimori acted as angels in his video, while Fuwa Shou acted as the demon.

Here's the plot of the PV.


There are two kind angels who are really close to one another. One day, one of the angels met a cold blooded demon. They fall in love at first sight. They know they can never be together because of the difference in their standings, but they can't control their feelings.

The other angel found out about their relationship (let's just call her Kyoko to make it easier for me). She believe that her friend's life is in danger because of this. She blame the demon and hate him for endangaring her friend's life. The pure hearted angel never felt that kind of evil feeling. That feeling consumed the angel's heart.

Thinking of her friend's feeling if she killed her beloved person, Kyoko feels agony. 'She will hate me, to the point she will kill me herself' is what Kyoko thinks. Her first crime was for the sake of her friend's happiness. She knows that her friend will still feel fortunate even if for the sake of the demon she lose her life, but she will still kill the demon because she doesn't want to see her friend die.

The angel and the demon who love each other are now very weak. Kyoko only need to grasp the demon's neck lightly to kill him. She grasped his neck and pushed him down from a building. The demon close his eyes as she pushed him down as if he has given up his life. No matter how cold blooded he was, he wouldn't just follow his desire and sacrifice the life of his beloved. Finally, the angel's beloved demon is killed. The guilt for this deed and the joy of protecting a good friend has led her to insanity.


See how short the real story is? And how much of the similarity my story and the real story is? Well, the real story has a sad ending, but it really talks about a beautiful and kinda heart wrenching love. My story is just some weird and gloomy story with no love whatsoever (I don't believe in love at first sight, do you?) Anyway, that's it about this story. Lastly, here's my message > Read Skip Beat! It's awesome!!!

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